How to Schedule a Retweet?

Retweets can be scheduled from Social Champ’s feature ‘Repeat’.

  1. Login from your Social Champ’s account and you will be by default on the content dashboard. Select the added Twitter account to post from the left column.
  2. Create your content and add emojis, hashtags, or mentions and no image.
  3. You can check ‘Sentiment Analysis’ before scheduling.

  4. The board is a toggle button ‘I want to repeat my post along with the content.’ With this, you can either repeat content on Facebook or Twitter only.
  5. Repeat will either retweet your tweet or delete the previous tweet and post the same one again. Choose to Retweet. Now, choose the number of repeats and the time gap between them.
  6. Once done, you will have four posting options on the lower horizontal bar.
  7. Choose Post Now to post away the content immediately. 
  8. Choose Schedule to schedule posts for any day at any time for any year ahead. 
  9. Choose Queue Last to queue the content for the available slots.
  10. Choose Queue Next to queue the content for the first available slot.

BONUS: Here’s a video tutorial on Post Scheduling and our Repeat feature.




What is Social Champ?

Social Champ is a social media management tool to conquer all digital platforms. An innovative solution that helps you intelligently publish your content to maximize exposure.

What pricing plans does Social Champ offer?

Social Champ offers Four pricing plans: Professional Plan, Champion Plan, Business Plan, and Agency Plan.

Which social media networks are integrated with Social Champ?

Facebook (Pages & Groups), Twitter, LinkedIn (Profiles & Pages), Instagram (Reminders & Business), Pinterest, and Google My Business.

Can multiple images be posted via Social Champ?

Yes, on Facebook and Twitter only.

What are the requirements for uploading images to twitter?

Twitter allows uploading 1-4 images per post with a maximum size of 5MBs per image in JPG and PNG formats. The maximum dimensions allowed is 8192×8192.

Does Social Champ support emojis?

Yes. An option to add emojis can be found on the main content dashboard.

Does Social Champ support tagging to personal social media accounts?

No. Mentioning personal social media accounts on posts are not supported by Social Champ

Can videos be uploaded via Social Champ?

Yes, they can be done for Facebook (Pages & Groups), LinkedIn Pages, Pinterest, Instagram (Reminders & Business), and Twitter.

What are the requirements for uploading videos to Twitter?

Twitter allows uploading 1 video per post with a maximum size of 512MBs in MP4 format. The maximum duration allowed is 140 seconds.

What are the requirements for uploading GIFs to Twitter?

Twitters allows uploading 1 GIF per post with a maximum size of 15MBs

Does Social Champ support tagging to social media businesses?

Yes, it does for Facebook (Pages & Groups), Twitter, LinkedIn Pages.

Can the same content be posted on multiple pages?

Yes. With Social Champ’s custom dashboard, customizing the same content for different social networks is also possible.

Can a scheduled tweet get edited?

Yes. Editing can be done in Calendar or in Queue.

Does Twitter support multiple images?

Yes. Social Champ supports multiple images for Twitter.

Can posts be scheduled on multiple Twitter profiles at once?

No. Twitter doesn’t allow postings on multiple accounts simultaneously with the similar content. Social Champ restricts multiple Twitter account selection at once to avoid any inconvenience.

Can a tweet be repeated multiple times?

Yes. With Social Champ’s feature ‘Repeat’, tweets can be repeated multiple times as retweets or new tweets.

What is the character limit for tweets?

280 characters per tweet.

Can the number of clicks and retweets per post be recorded?

With Analytics, the total number of retweets can be known but not clicks. You can always sort out the content posted via Social Champ based on the number of clicks.

How to view a preview of the scheduled posts?

The preview of scheduled posts is available in Calendar and in Queue.

Can I delete a scheduled post?

Yes. Click your scheduled posts in Calendar or Queue and select ‘Delete’ to delete the posts.

Can Failed Posts be reposted?

Past Posts can be found in Calendar or Queue, whereby clicking ‘Repost’, you can reschedule it in the future.

Can Past Posts be reposted?

Past Posts can be found in Calendar or Queue, whereby clicking ‘Repost’, you can reschedule it in the future.

Does Social Champ support hashtags?

Yes, it does. Social Champ suggests real-time trending hashtags. Also, hashtag groups can also be created for easier hashtag management.

Can hashtags or mentions be posted as a comment via Social Champ?

Hashtags can be posted as first comments only on Instagram but mentions/tagging is not possible.

Can a post be saved as a draft?

Social Champ offers to save your posts as drafts with the ‘Save Draft’ option on the main content dashboard.

Can a scheduled post be edited within Social Champ?

Yes. Editing can be done in Calendar or Queue of the already scheduled posts.

Does Social Champ offer Lifetime Deals?

Social Champ occasionally offers Lifetime Deals. Our current offers can be viewed here or for any more information contact us.

How can a Social Champ account be deleted?

Connect with our customer support for any issues or from Social Champ’s account settings, an account can be deleted.

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