Track and Report Social Media Posts with Analytics

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With Social Champ’s Analytics feature, you can analyze your different social accounts and their posts for audience, engagement, impressions, and brand awareness. Furthermore, you can access detailed individual graphs and top posts for major social accounts and repost them with a single click. You can also graphically compare your data and generate PDF, PPT, or CSV reports.

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how!

  1. Simply log in from your Social Champ’s account and select Analytics from the extreme left column.Social Champ Analytics
  2.  Select the desired account from the dropdown above and allow the analytics to load.
    Social Champ AnalyticsP.S Analytics for Twitter, LinkedIn Profile, and personal Instagram accounts are not supported due to API Limitations.
  3. Choose a date range from the right dropdown from yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days, last 6 months, last year, or a custom date range for the data flow.Social Champ Analytics
  4. The data will be presented in beautiful graphs for four significant metrics: Audience, Engagement, Impressions, and Brand Awareness.Social Champ AnalyticsSocial Champ AnalyticsSocial Champ AnalyticsSocial Champ Analytics
  5. Click the ‘Export’ button on the window’s top right corner to export data as white-labeled reports in a PDF, PPT, or CSV format.Social Champ Analytics
  6. You can check the ideal posting time based on a selected date when your followers will most likely engage with your posts from the Best Time To Post widget.Social Champ Analytics
  7. Under the’ Post Overview’ widget, you can track your posts’ performances based on the chosen metrics and the time period. Post Overview can be sorted by engaged users, clicks, reach, engagements, reactions, comments, shares, other post clicks, video views, and video time.Social Champ Analytics
  8. With the Social Champ option on the left panel, you can access all your posts scheduled and posted via Social Champ. View detailed insights and repost posts in a click.Social Champ Analytics
  9. Lastly, to view detailed data metrics, you can opt for Individual Analytics, select the desired account from the dropdown above, and let the analytics load.Social Champ Analytics

Analytics vary from one account to another. Visit now and explore how you can track your posts.

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