Organise and Manage Posts with Calendar

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Hey Champs! Social Champ’s Calendar feature allows you to get a bird’s eye view of all your social media scheduling activity.

In this guide, we will discuss all the things Social Champ’s Calendar is capable of doing.

  1. When you first log in, you will land on the content dashboard by default. Navigate to the left panel and click the calendar button.Social Champ Calendar
  2. Within the Calendar, you can choose one or more connected social accounts from the top left dropdown. View all your scheduled, pending, sent, or failed posts here.Social Champ Calendar
  3. From the top right of the window, you can choose a calendar view to be monthly or weekly! For Instagram accounts, you can opt for a grid view as well. You can further filter your posts with ‘Post Status’ and ‘Post Type’ options to manage them better.Social Champ Calendar
  4. With the topmost right option of ‘Delete All,’ you can delete your future scheduled posts.Social Champ Calendar
  5. Click on a post to get a more detailed view of the caption and media. For the scheduled posts, you can further edit them, delete them, or post them right away.Social Champ Calendar
  6. Within Calendar, posts can be created and scheduled by clicking on the ‘+’ sign or can be rescheduled by dragging and dropping.Social Champ Calendar
  7. Sharing the calendar via a link like Google Docs with clients or teams can be done with the ‘Shared Calendar’ feature. Learn how to use this feature here.Social Champ Calendar

That’s it, Champs! Now you know how to use Social Champ’s Calendar feature.

Here is a video tutorial:


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