Preview a Post

Hey Champs! When creating a post using the Social Champ content publisher, the dashboard shows a preview on the right for each Social Account you’re publishing to so you’re able to review what your followers might see after the post is published.

Content Dashboard

We tried to keep the previews as true to the actual published posts as possible. However, it should still be noted that some details are finalized by the respective Social platforms the post is being published to.

You could notice a difference in your:
⦁ URL previews/thumbnails
⦁ Attached Media (Images, GIFs, Videos, etc)

Link previews are created automatically and all Social platforms read information uniquely. It is possible that your link previews could be different when published to different Social platforms. Similarly, attached Media is usually adjusted according to each Social platform’s algorithms and their optimization process.

You can learn more about the recommended sizes and formats when publishing media for various Social platforms here.

For any further queries/assistance please contact us.

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