How to Use Imgur and Flickr with Social Champ?

Hey Champs! Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to use the Imgur and Flickr integrations with Social Champ.

  1. After you log in you will land on the content publisher by default. Navigate to the toolbar at the bottom of the publisher and click the Add Media button.
  2. A pop window should appear. In the window navigate to the left panel and click the Flickr or Imgur tab.
  3. Here you will see a variety of options for you to choose from.
  4. You can even use the Search bar at the top to look something specific up like Cats!
  5. Moreover, Imgur even gives you an option to filter your search. Simply click the Filter By dropdown at the top.
  6. You can filter by Videos, Images, or have a mix of both under All Types.
  7. Once you’ve decided on a Media, hover over it, click the checkbox at the top-left of the media and then hit the upload button.
  8. Now, finalize your post and hit the Schedule button.

Great work! Now you know how to use the Flickr and Imgur integrations with Social Champ.


What is Social Champ?

Social Champ is a social media management tool to conquer all digital platforms. An innovative solution that helps you intelligently publish your content to maximize exposure.

What pricing plans does Social Champ offer?

Social Champ offers Four pricing plans: Professional Plan, Champion Plan, Business Plan, and Agency Plan.

Which social media networks are integrated with Social Champ?

Facebook (Pages & Groups), Twitter, LinkedIn (Profiles & Pages), Instagram (Reminders & Business), Pinterest, and Google Business Profile.

Do pictures resize when posted via Social Champ?

Social Champ doesn’t resize images while scheduling or posting unless you have enabled the Instagram Auto Crop feature.

Does the resolution of images change when uploaded via Social Champ?

Social Champ doesn’t change the resolution of images while scheduling or posting.

Can multiple images be posted via Social Champ?

Yes, on Facebook and Twitter only.

Is it possible to Mention people or locations in an image?

Mentioning of accounts or locations are not supported.

Does Google Drive or Dropbox images work for Social Champ?

Images that have an absolute public URL can only be uploaded on Social Champ.

Does Social Champ support GIFs?

Yes, GIFs are supported on Facebook (Pages & Groups) and Twitter, only.

Does Social Champ offer Lifetime Deals?

Social Champ occasionally offers Lifetime Deals. Our current offers can be viewed here or for any more information contact us.

How can a Social Champ account be deleted?

Connect with our customer support for any issues or from Social Champ’s account settings, an account can be deleted.

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