How does ‘Recycle’ work?

Login from your Social Champ’s account and choose ‘Recycle’ from the second column on the left. 

Recycle will open up into two options: Collection and Campaign.


  1. Creating ‘Collection’ is the first step. Click ‘Create a Collection’.
  2. You will start with the ‘Name’ and ‘Description’ of the collection. Once done, click ‘Create’.
  3. To add posts within the collection, you can either click ‘Add Post’ or ‘Bulk Upload’.
  4. Click ‘Add Post’ and start creating a post.
  5. You will get a notification about your post to be successfully added.
  6. You can add posts to your collection via Bulk Upload. Click on the option on the top right row. You will redirected to the bulk upload window where you can download a CSV to fill in or you can do back to your collection.
  7. From the top right ‘three dots’ the collection can be ‘Emptied’, ‘Export CSV’, and ‘Edit’. You can ‘Delete’ and ‘Edit’ individual posts too within the collection.
  8. You can create more collections from top left ‘+ Create New Collection’.


  1. Creating a ‘Campaign’ is the second step. Click ‘Create a Campaign’.
  2. To create a campaign, click ‘Create New’.
  3. Add the campaign name, select accounts from left column on which you wish to run the campaign on, select the collection to run or click ‘create new’ to create a collection from here.
    Choose a start and end for the campaign from the provided calendar.Enable UTM (if needed to track), choose a time zone, and then create time slots.
    You can create custom time slots or use the suggested time. Click ‘Create Campaign’.
  4. Once the campaign is created. You will see the toggle enabled and status to be ‘Active’ in green color. All the information of the running collection and the duration can be verified from here too.


What is Social Champ?

Social Champ is a social media management tool to conquer all digital platforms. An innovative solution that helps you intelligently publish your content to maximize exposure.

What pricing plans does Social Champ offer?

Social Champ offers Four pricing plans: Professional Plan, Champion Plan, Business Plan, and Agency Plan.

Which social media networks are integrated with Social Champ?

Facebook (Pages & Groups), Twitter, LinkedIn (Profiles & Pages), Instagram (Reminders & Business), Pinterest, and Google Business Profile.

For which features, a Time Zone can be set?

Time Zone feature is available for posts to be in Queue, Bulk Upload, and Recycle.

Does Social Champ recycle post?

Social Champ’s feature ‘Recycle’ enables users to create a collection and run a campaign of their evergreen posts.

Does Social Champ offer Lifetime Deals?

Social Champ occasionally offers Lifetime Deals. Our current offers can be viewed here or for any more information contact us.

How can a Social Champ account be deleted?

Connect with our customer support for any issues or from Social Champ’s account settings, an account can be deleted.

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