Difficulty in adding a Facebook Page, Group or Instagram Business accounts

If you encounter challenges while attempting to connect an Instagram Business account or a Facebook Page/Group to your ‘Social Champ’ account, consider exploring the following potential solutions.

Check # 1: Review Connection

Let’s get started with how to review the connection, 

  1. Visit your Facebook Page settings to which the Instagram Business Account is connected.

    Please note: The owner of the Facebook page has to connect and verify the Instagram business and Facebook page connection.

  2. Click on the ‘Linked Accounts’ button to see all the connected accounts to the Facebook page.
  3. Make sure that the account is connected and you’re not seeing the ‘Connect Account’ button.

  4. If Facebook asks you to connect the account/review the connection, ask the page owner to connect the account/review the connection.

Check # 2: Business Integration settings

You can view the Business Integration settings; let’s get started with how it works,

  1. Go to your Facebook account settings and OR; Click on the link given below for the settings,
    Link: https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=business_tools

  2. Click Business Integrations from the Left Panel.
  3. Then, find ‘Social Champ’ and select ‘View and Edit’ to give permissions to all your Facebook Pages, Groups, and Instagram Business accounts. Make sure all toggles/checkboxes are ticked. After giving all the permissions, click ‘Save.’

Once done, go to Social Champ and try adding your Facebook Pages/Facebook Groups/Instagram Business account again.

Please Note: Social Champ can directly post only to Facebook Groups to which you are an admin.

Check # 3: Check Business Manager settings

You can check Facebook might require verification from the Business Settings

  1. Once in the Business Manager, select Account.
  2. Click the ‘Instagram account.’
  3. See if the Facebook Business Manager asks you to review anything or log in to your account.

Once you have eliminated all potential causes, you can easily establish a connection between your Instagram Business account or Facebook Page/Group and Social Champ without any difficulties.

You can also check out our Video Tutorial on Adding a Social Account.


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