Difficulty in adding a Facebook Page, Group or Instagram Business accounts?

In case you are not able to add a Facebook Page or Group to your ‘Dashboard’, you can look into two possibilities for it:

      • Check # 1: Review Connection
        – Visit your Facebook Page settings where the Instagram Business Account is connected.
        Please note: The owner of the Facebook page has to connect and verify the Instagram business and Facebook page connection.
        – Make sure that you’re not seeing the Review Connection button.-If Facebook is asking you to review the connection then ask the Owner of the page to review the connection.
      • Check # 2: Business Integration settings:
        Go to your FB settings and click on “Security and Login”  OR here’s the link for the setting, https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=business_tools

        – Click Business Integrations from the Left Panel.– Then find ‘Social Champ’, and select ‘View and Edit’ to give permissions to all your Facebook Pages, Groups, and Instagram Business accounts here. Make sure all toggles/checkboxes are ticked.

        -Even if this doesn’t work, then ‘Select’ the check box and ‘Remove’ it.

        – Once done, go to Social Champ and try adding your Facebook Pages/Groups again.

      • Admin:
        Social Champ can directly post only to Facebook Groups to which you are an admin
      • Check # 3: Check Business Manager settings
        Facebook might require verification from the Business Settings.
        – Once in the Business manager, click accounts
        – Click Instagram account
        – See if Facebook Business Manager is asking you to review anything or login to your account.

You can also check out our Video Tutorial on Adding a Social Account.


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