How to Re-Sync an Account?

Hey Champs! Did you just update your Profile Picture or Profile Name on your Socials and you would like to see the updated versions on Social Champ as well?

Follow these steps to learn how you can Re-sync your account to keep everything fresh!

1) When you log in, you will land on the Content Dashboard by default. Navigate to the left panel and click the Settings tab.

2) A dropdown will be released. Here, click the Manage Account tab.

3) You can see all your connected accounts. Navigate to the Accounts you would like to Re-sync and click the Gear Icon.

4) Select the Re-sync button and you’re done!

Here is a video tutorial:

Great work! Now you know how to Resync your Socials on Social Champ!

Please note: Re-syncing an Account is not the same as Re-authenticating. You can learn about Re-authenticating here.

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