How to view the Scheduled Posts?

Scheduled posts can be viewed in Queue or in Calendar. 

  1. Calendar:
    1. Click ‘Calendar’ from the extreme left column.

    2. Select your Social Profiles from the left panel.

    3. Choose ‘Scheduled Posts’ from the top right dropdown.
    4. You can even Click one of the scheduled posts to preview what it may look like before it gets published.

    5. If you are not satisfied with your scheduled post you can click the Edit/Reschedule button or even delete the post by clicking the Delete button.
  2. Queue:
    1. Select ‘Publish’ from the extreme left column.

    2. Choose ‘Queue’ from the second left column.

    3. Once in Queue, select the desired social media profile from the left panel.

    4. Now, from the extreme right dropdown, choose Scheduled Posts.

More of a visual learner? Check out this video about the Queue Feature and our Social Media Calendar.



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