How does the “Engage” feature work?

  • Login to your Social Champ’s account and navigate to Engage from left. Then, click on Add Profile from the top left corner and connect your desired social profile(s):

add account engage

  • Select any of your added profile and you will see all the comments, messages and reviews in one place:

engage - all

  • You also have the option to view your comments, messages and reviews separately. On selecting Comments, it will only show all the comments and you can respond to them with ease:

engage comments

  • In the same way, by selecting Conversations (PM) you will only see the messages and you can do more filtration between already read and unread messages. This will enable you to respond to messages directly from here:

engage messages

  • On top of that, there are some options in our Engage feature. To explore them, click on dots:

engage - 3 dots

  • And you will see more options for your Inbox Messaging:

inbox options engage

  • From the Group, you can add different social profiles in a single place by using CREATE NEW GROUP:

group engage

  • From Saved Replies, you can save your pre-written messages that will help you to respond faster in a quick time:

saved replies engage

  • To set up your saved replies, just click on CREATE A NEW REPLY:

create a new reply - engage

  • And from here you can easily customize and save your replies:

customize your replies

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