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Social Champ offers a Free Plan and three paid plans, i.e. Champion Plan for $29, Business Plan for $99, and an Agency Plan.

Social Champ supports nine actively used social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Google Business Profile, and Mastodon.

Yes! Social Champ offers a 40% discount with a monthly subscription and a 50% discount with an annual subscription.”

Due to API limitations, Social Champ does not support post scheduling on a Facebook personal profile.

MP4 and Mov. formats are supported for media in a CSV file.

Yes! Multiple images can be uploaded in a post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Mastodon.

Yes! Champ AI Suite makes use of the open AI. Its consists of: – AI Content Wizard – Sentiment Analysis – AI Imaginator

No. Mentioning personal social media accounts in posts is not supported by Social Champ. However, the Twitter and Instagram accounts are unique, so they can be tagged with the post.

Yes! Recycle feature enables users to create a collection and run a campaign of their evergreen posts.

Yes! Social Champ intergrates the feature Analytics. with which one can track the performance of their posts over a specified period of time..

Yes, using Social Champ’s Repeat feature for Facebook and Twitter, one can repost and retweet posts over specified period of times.

Yes! Social Champ offers a feature ‘Shared Calendar’ which enables a user to share a calendar with others using a link just like Google docs. without a hassle. The feature is available for Business and Agency Plan users.

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