How to Purchase Add-ons?

Hey Champs! Running low on Social Accounts or need another set of hands to help you out with your Social Media Management and Automation tasks? Social Champ allows you to purchase additional Team Members and Social Accounts on top of your subscription plan (Champ plan and above)

Please note: The Add-ons are a monthly recurring charge.

Follow this guide to learn how you can purchase Add-ons.

1) When you sign in you will land on the content publisher by default. Navigate to the top-right dropdown and select Billing Settings.

2) Click on Change Plan.

3) Change nothing for options 1 and 2. Scroll down to option 3 and select your desired Add-ons

4) Check your Card info and Contact info

5) If everything looks good click on Pay.

Great work! Now you know how to purchase Add-ons!

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