How to use Auto RSS to post on your social media accounts?

Auto RSS is Social Champ’s in-built feature that allows its users to automatically post from different websites to your added social media accounts using RSS feeds. Let’s learn how you can make the most of them using Social Champ!

1. Login from your Social Champ’s account and choose ‘Auto RSS’ from the second column on the left.

Auto RSS - Social Champ

2. Click the ‘Add RSS Link’ button from the top right.

Auto RSS - Social Champ

3. In the next window, type the website’s name and paste the RSS link in the given slot. You can even click the ‘Suggested RSS Feeds’ button to see a list of trending RSS Feeds that you can use.

Auto RSS - Social Champ

4. In the next window select the Social Accounts you would like to publish your RSS posts on.

Auto RSS - Social Champ

5. In the next window, finalize the settings for your auto-RSS. Select how frequently you would like to publish.

Auto RSS - Social Champ

  • Next, switch on toggles according to your requirements.
    • You can ‘Queue’ your posts and they will get scheduled according to the timeslots you’ve set up from your Queue settings.
    • You can use images (if available) in the RSS post. Social Champ will fetch the image from the RSS post and publish it to your selected Social Accounts.
    • You can also opt-in to customize the RSS links for each account.
  • Optimize your RSS posts by adding a Title, Link, and Description as per your preference.
  • If you would like to Repeat your RSS posts switch on the toggle and click ‘Next’.
  • In the next window take one last look – If everything looks good then save your RSS by clicking the ‘Add RSS’ button.

More of a visual learner? Check out this Video Tutorial!


Great work! Now you know how to use the Auto-RSS feature with Social Champ.

Check out FAQs here.

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