How Does Post Approvals Work?

Hey Champs! The Post Approval feature is a useful tool for the Owner/Admin of the account who wants to monitor the content created by the Author team members before publishing them.

  1. After logging into your Social Champ account you will land on the Content Dashboard by default. Navigate your cursor to the left panel and select Post Approval.
  2. Here, you can all the posts submitted for approvals, when they were submitted, and by whom.
  3. You can Approve/Decline all posts by clicking the buttons at the top left or Approve/Decline individual posts by clicking the buttons at the bottom of each post.
  4. You also have the option to Edit the post in the pending section by clicking the Pen Icon.
  5. A pop-up composer will show up. After making the changes you can hit save. (Please note: This does not approve the post but simply makes edits to the post).
  6. Posts can also be filtered, simply click the Filter By button at the top-right
  7. You can filter by Selecting Team Members and Social Accounts.

  8. Click the Search button to apply the filter or you can click the Clear All button to remove all the filters.
  9. If you decline a post you can leave a comment for the team member to view and make the necessary edits.
  10. After the changes have been made the declined post will land in the Pending tab again for the admin/owner to approve.

  11. If you want to view your previously ‘Approved’ and ‘Declined’ posts you can view them by visiting their respective tabs at the top.

Please note: If a post submitted for Post Approval does not get ‘Approved’ or ‘Declined’ it will not get posted and stay in the Post Approval tab till action is taken.

More of a visual learner? Check out this Tutorial on Social Champ’s Post Approvals feature!

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