How to Locate Failed Posts?

Hey Champs! Did you receive an email from Social Champ that looks like this?

You’re wondering what might have gone wrong? Here are a couple of steps you can take to locate your Failed post and communicate it to Social Champ’s support team.

1) Log into Social Champ and you’ll land on the Content Dashboard by default. Here you can either directly navigate to the Calendar tab or the Queue Tab.

2) Let’s say you click the Calendar tab. You have to select the Social Profile from the left panel first.

3) Click the Failed tab at the top and look for the failed post.

4) Once located, click the post and you’ll be able to see the Error message generated.

5) Another method of Locating your Failed posts is through Queue. You can click the bell icon at the top-right corner, click the failed post notification and you will be redirected to the queue tab.

6) If that doesn’t work for you, simply click the queue tab from the left panel.

7) First select the Social Profile from the left panel and then click the Failed tab at the top to view all failed posts of the Social Profile.

8) Scroll to till you find the post you’re looking for.

9) This is an important step. Once you have located your failed post simply take a screenshot and send it to us either over Live chat or Email ( As soon as a Representative is available they will assist you with your query!

Here is a video tutorial:

Great work! Now you know how to locate failed posts!

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