How To Connect Instagram Direct Postings?

Hey Champs! The Instagram Direct Posting feature is for Instagram Business accounts that are connected to a Facebook page.

Let’s get started:

1- First, log in, and you will be directed to our main dashboard. Click the plus icon on the left panel to add a social account. 

2- Then choose the Instagram Profile option to add.

3- Then click the Instagram Business icon.

4- If you have a Business account, click ‘Login to Facebook’ to go ahead. If you do not have your account connected with a Facebook Page, click ‘Convert to Instagram Business’ to start with the conversion first.

5- Login to Facebook will take you to the main screen of Facebook. Add your credentials here to get started.

6- If you opt for the conversion process, then get started with the Instagram account. Go into Instagram settings and choose ‘Account.’

7- Click ‘Switch to Professional Account’ 

8- Go ahead and continue to choose a niche for yourself that describes your work the best. 

9- Next, choose the category ‘Business’ and continue with permissions. 

10- Once done, now head over to your Facebook Page. Click settings from the left panel of your page.

11- Then click on Instagram.

12- Click on the ‘Connect Account’ box to connect your Instagram Business account. 

13- Now select the account you want to add.

14-Your Instagram Business account is now connected with Social Champ.

You successfully have connected your Instagram Business account to start publishing using Social Champ. 

Happy posting, Champs

Still confused? Check out this video tutorial on Connecting via the Instagram Direct Posting feature.


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