How to Use the Social Champ Chrome Extension?

Hey Champs! The Social Champ Chrome Extension makes publishing and scheduling on the go extremely easy. Follow this simple step-by-step guide to learn how to use the Extension.


  1. Head over to the chrome web store and type Social Champ in the search bar

  2. Click on the first Extension titled Social Champ (make sure it says offered by: Social Champ under the title)

  3. Then click on the Add to Chrome button and tap on Add extension in the window that pops up.

  4. Once the Extension is installed, click the Jigsaw icon at the top-right of your chrome browser to find the Social Champ extension and click the pin icon to pin the extension to your browser’s toolbar.

  5. Look at that! You’ve come across a really interesting article that you would love to share on your Social Media. Simply click the Social Champ icon at the top-right.

  6. A pop-up window will show up that looks a lot like the content publisher you see on the Social Champ platform. From the top row select the Social Media accounts you want to publish on.

  7. A caption is automatically added that includes the title and link of the article, you can always customize the caption according to your preferences.

  8. At the bottom of the window, you can set up your repetition and decide whether you want to queue, schedule or post now. Once you have finalized the post click the Accept button.

  9. The scheduled/published post will also show up on the platform.

  10. Bonus: The Social Champ extension also detects media on web pages. You can click the Share button at the bottom right to launch the publisher!

Great work! Now you know how to use the Social Champ chrome extension. 


Check out FAQs here.


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