How to Analyze My Social Media Posts?

With Social Champ’s feature ‘Analytics and Reports’, you can analyze from likes, unlikes, reactions, impressions, unfollows, engagements, retweets, and much more of your social media posts. You can graphically compare your data on a week-to-week or month-to-month basis and generate a PDF report of it all. 

  1. Simply log in from your Social Champ’s account and select Analytics from the extreme left column.
  2. Select the desired account from the left dropdown and allow the analytics load.

  3. Choose any data metric from the boxes, and it will be presented in the form of beautiful graphs. Switch between weeks or months.
  4. You can click on ‘Export PDF’ to export data with a white label in a PDF form to present.
  5. In ‘Post Overview’, you can view live posts. Repost your posts or click on the top right option to view them on your Facebook feed.
  6. With the Social Champ’s toggle button, you can sort your posts based on Likes, Shares, Comments, Retweets, etc.
  7. Export CSV of the posts made from Social Champ sorted based on months.

You can download a sample PDF report here: Sample Report Social Champ

More of a visual learner? Check out this video about the Analytics Feature.


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