How to Add Hashtags?

Hey Champs! Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how you can add Hashtags to your posts.
1) When you log into Social Champ, you will land on the Content Publisher by default. Here you can start by composing your post and attaching your media.

2) Once done, you can start adding in your hashtags. If a hashtag is properly added it will turn orange.

3) If you would like Social Champ to suggest hashtags then navigate to the hashtag symbol in the toolbar at the bottom of the publisher and switch on the Hashtag suggestions toggle.

4) Here, you also have the option to create hashtag groups to quickly add hashtags to your posts. Simply click the Add New hashtag group button.

5) A side panel will open up allowing you to create a new group, click the save button once you have finalized your group.

6) Now you can use groups to quickly add hashtags to your posts or use suggested hashtags from Social Champ.

Great job! Now you know how to use the Social Champ’s hashtag feature!

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