How to Delete a Workspace?

Hey Champs! Welcome to Social Champ’s all-new and improved workspace feature. The new workspace will help you streamline and manage your tasks with more ease and efficiency.

The functionality might feel new right now but follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to delete a Workspace.


  1. When you first log in to your Social Champ account you will land on the content dashboard by default. Drag your cursor to the top-left of the screen and click the Workspace dropdown.
  2. Click the ‘View all workspaces’ option to check out all your workspaces.
  3. Under actions, you will see a Bin icon. Click the Bin icon to delete the Workspace you want to remove.
  4. A pop-up window will ask if you’re sure you want to delete the workspace Permanently. Click Yes if you’re sure.

Please note:

  1.  If the Workspace still has Social Media accounts added when the Workspace is deleted the Social Accounts will be removed from your Social Champ account as well
  2. If your team member was only added to this workspace and the workspace is deleted the Team member will be removed from your Social Champ account as well
  3. We suggest Always edit your workspaces before deciding to delete them.

Great work! Now you know how to Delete Workspaces. You can find more guides related to the workspace here and we also encourage you to check out the FAQs below to learn more.

Check out our video tutorial on Deleting a workspace here.


Feel free to contact us for any further queries.



Can one Social Account be added to more than one workspace?

No, one Social Account can only be present in one workspace.

Can one team member be added to more than one workspace?

Yes, team members can be added to multiple workspaces with different roles and permissions

Can I delete a workspace?

Your last remaining workspace cannot be deleted. Otherwise, you can delete additional workspaces but we suggest editing your workspaces instead of deleting them. Learn more about deleting workspaces here.

Will I lose my data if I move a Social Account from one Workspace to another?

Yes, your saved drafts for that Social Account will be removed, the Social account will be removed from all active campaigns, and Auto-RSS feeds set up by the Social Accounts will be removed.

Do the Social Accounts get deleted if I delete a workspace?

Yes, if you don’t move your Social Accounts to another workspace before deleting a workspace your Social Accounts will be deleted alongside the workspace.

Are team members removed if I delete a workspace?

If the team member is only a part of the workspace being deleted and no other workspace then the team member will be removed as well.

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