How to delete a scheduled post?

Scheduled Posts can be deleted in Queue or in Calendar.

  • Calendar:

    1. Click ‘Calendar’ from the extreme left column.
    2. Choose ‘Future’ from the top horizontal bar.
    3. Click on a particular post to view the preview.
    4. Select ‘Ok’ to delete the post.
  • Queue:

    1. Select ‘Publish’ from the extreme left column and choose ‘Queue’ from the second left column.
    2. Once in Queue, select the specific account and then choose ‘Future’ from the top horizontal bar and choose ‘delete’ on the specific post.

    3. Click ‘Yes’ to delete the tweet.

    4. Or if you want to delete “ALL” Schedule Posts then navigate your cursor to the right of the screen to find the drop-down menu Post Type and select Scheduled Posts.
    5. Then click the 3-button menu next to the drop-down menu and select “Delete All”.

More of a visual learner? Check out these videos about the Queue Feature and our Social Media Calendar.



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