How to Post Carousels on Instagram?

Hey Champs! Social Champ now lets you publish carousels on Instagram. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how.


1) First you need to connect your Instagram Account with Social Champ. You can with the Instagram Direct Posting Feature or the Instagram Stories feature.

2) Now Select your IG account from the dropdown at the top.


3) Create your content, add your hashtags and emojis.

4) Now click the Add Media icon at the bottom of the toolbar.

5) A pop-up window will show up where you have a range of options to upload media from.

6) After selecting up to 9 images click the upload button.

7) Wait for all your Images to upload. Once done decide when to schedule the post and click the post now/schedule button.

Great work! Now you know how to Schedule carousels on Instagram.

Please note: If your Instagram account is connected via the Instagram Stories feature, you will need to Install the Social Champ mobile app to publish your posts.

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